Oh no! Someone mixed up the towers! Can you fix them?

How to play: Click a peg to pick up the top disk, then click another peg to put it down.

Goal: Make two towers, one completely blue, one completely purple.

Rule: Never put a big segment on top of a smaller one.

Extra notes: 

- It is possible to knock down the towers. I could have stopped this from happening, but thought it was funny so left it in.

- I made a thing that tells you when you've won, but I didn't have time to test it until after the deadline -- and it doesn't work. So, you have to decide for yourself when you've won. Good luck!

Github: https://github.com/BethanyDrake/trijam30 (Yes, /trijam30. I meant 31. The compiler didn't tell me not to!)

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